Over 43 thousand listeners in 125+ countries!

(Este comunicado también está disponible en castellano, aquí.)
June 1, 2015

CapicúaFM: Over 43 thousand listeners in 125+ countries!

The on-demand radio program/podcast CapicúaFM proudly announces that just prior to reaching its first anniversary, it has now reached over 43 thousand listeners in 125+ countries, according to Podtrac, the leader in measurement for premium online shows and podcasts.

Produced in South Florida, CapicúaFM covers the truth about the Castilian language (which is frequently misrepresented as “Spanish” due to a political manipulation committed in 1925), its culture, music, and food. Its creator, director, and main host is the multi-title author, tech journalist and audio/video specialist Allan Tépper, who is a language activist and certified translator originally from Connecticut, US.

So far, CapicúaFM has had guests from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain, from diverse professions: author, voiceover talent, and various singers. Among them have been the Spaniard author Ana Nieto Churruca and the Argentine voice talent Ale Fantozzi. Among the singer/songwriters, CapicúaFM has hosted Bárbara Intriago from Chile, the Ospina brothers from Colombia (who are also comedians), and Sole Giménez from Spain (ex main vocalist from Presuntos Implicados).

The two voice talent who perform in CapicúaFM’s opening and bumpers are Víctor Martorella (VoiceOverMart.com from South Florida) and Victoria Mesas García (Escuchalibros.com from Spain).

So far, CapicúaFM has covered various issues about the Castilian language, its myths, realities and great diversity throughout all of the many places where it is spoken. It has also covered the etymology, meaning, and diverse uses of the term capicúa, which is part of the show’s name.

All past, present, and future CapicúaFM episodes are available free in iTunes, Stitcher, the CapicúaFM.com website, and via the many podcast apps that are available for mobile phones and the latest car radios.

Regarding the future of CapicúaFM, Tépper states: “We’ll certainly continue covering the existing topics. We’ll also be interviewing more authors, linguists, journalists, language teachers and professors, translators, and even programmers who make language apps.”

CapicúaFM currently runs two professionally produced commercial spots that promote Tépper’s latest two books, La conspiración del castellano and The Castilian Conspiracy. Those spots are performed by Memo Sauceda from México, winner of many Emmy awards, in addition to Humberto Rossenfeld from Venezuela and Marie Colom from Puerto Rico.

For more info, CapicúaFM.com, AllanTepper.com and AllanTépper.soy.